I don’t know if that quote at the end is familiar to anyone. It’s based on a guy whom I remember listening to on the radio station when we would do trips in the car.

I don’t know if the guy was local, or international, or what, but he would have long interesting stories and it would always end on that quote.

I guess I could look it up.

↓ Transcript
Manpans, Leezet, and Errol are in a Zoom.

Panel 1 -
Leezet: By the way, I would never send you that book.
Errol: Wait! Wiat! I should make something clear!

Panel 2 -
Manpans: I hate when you do this in the comic.
Errol (to the audience): For the record, I portray my sister as technologically incompetent, and she's like this in real life.

Panel 3 -
Errol (to the audience): But if it involves Choy, her daughter, she will learn anything. Like the time she started her own Minecraft server and modded it for Choy and her friends to play.
Leezet: Whom are you talking to?

Panel 4 -
Manpans: Everything I know is a lie!
Leezet: But she needed a minecraft server!
Errol (to the audience): "And now you know...the rest of the story."


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