I’m not great at working and talking at the same time. If the work was strictly art, or something, then I may be able to do it with my DOS-like brain. But if it’s something I need to write? I can’t talk at the same time.

↓ Transcript
Manpans, Leezet, and Errol are in a Zoom meeting.

Panel 1 -
Leezet: By the way, I would never send you that book.
Errol: Wait! Wait! Check the comic.

Panel 2 - Manpans and Leezet look down at their phones.
Manpans: Ha!
Leezet: Hold on...
Errol: I'm getting this down, so keep all the conversation going!

Panel 3 - Leezet is still on her phone.
Manpans: So this is basically a live stream of our conversation in comic form.
Leezet: Stupid phone.
Errol: Good idea! I should stream me editing the comic!

Panel 4 - Leezet on her phone.
Manpans: Um...maybe not...
Leezet: Here we go...Ha ha!!
Errol: True. Leezet would be the only watcher, and I don't want to teach her Twitch...


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