The Forest is a scary game. I died a lot.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 -
Errol: Tell you what, Manpans. Why not watch Ekko and I play? Then you can decide.
Manpans: Sure! We can set it up on my Discord server.

Panel 2 - Manda is watching the computer.
Errol's voice from the computer: Ekko. Where are you going? It's dangerous!
Ekko's voice from the computer: Exploring!

Panel 3 - Manpans looks worried.
Ekko's voice: Wait. What's that cry?
Errol's voice: That's why we shouldn't be wandering at night!

Panel 4 - Manpan's face is in horrified.
Errol's voice: AAHH! WHAT'S THAT?!
Ekko's voice: AAAHHH!!

Panel 5 - Manpan's is not at her screen. She has run away.
Errol's voice: AHHH! I'M DYING! I'M DYING!!
Ekko's voice: AAAHHHH!!

Panel 6 - Errol and Manpans are in person again.
Errol: Ha ha ha! That was so fun! You should totally play that game!!
Manpans: Why would you think that would make me want to play?!

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