PH2#01 – “The Rules”

Allo and welcome to the first puzzle of the Puzzle Hunt! This one is pretty involved, and some may find it difficult, but if you can do this, then you can do the majority of the puzzles!

Everything you need to get the passcode for the next puzzle is in the embedded doc below. Furthermore, you will know when you have the correct answer. You will not need to guess, and you will not be unsure of the answer.

One last last thing, you would be better off on desktop than you would on mobile.

Remember, if you need hints, check out how in the rules. And because it’s the first puzzle, we may accept DM’s on the first day!

(If you cannot see the below PDF file, you can download it!)

Click to access PH2_P1.pdf

Once you have the passcode – Go to Puzzle #2!


  1. I’m a bit confused… am I supposed to comment on every post? Do I just post “Solved!” on future posts? What do I comment here? I’m commenting… how’s that?

    1. Totally fine, and yes. Basically, I wanted people to comment so that I can moderate the comment only once. And I want every puzzle to be commented on so I know who solved it first and that people solved ALL the puzzles, as opposed to coming in on the last puzzle because they got the password. ^_^

  2. As mentioned in a different comment…will be attempting solo, at least for now, to see how well I do but may get a team before #10 (if I last that long).

  3. Registering… again? I’m sure I already did this, but can’t see my comment.

    I’ve been staring at this puzzle for two days, and can’t see the answer. Zoomed in, out and all about with no success, and can’t find any hints on Twitter. I sense a repeat of my experience with the first puzzle hunt; I couldn’t solve (or even find) the first puzzle there, either.

    I feel a sudden urge to go and solve a couple of cryptic crosswords, just to reassure myself that I’m not, actually, utterly thick. Well, Guardian and Independent cryptics, anyway. Attempting the Times will do nothing for my self-esteem at this point.

    1. E: I’m sorry, registration has closed for the puzzle hunt. HOWEVER, you are certainly welcome to play and comment, but no more teams are eligible for the prizes.

    1. Allo! The puzzle hunt is past registration for prizes, HOWEVER, you are certainly welcome to play for fun! (It ends in about 24 hours).

        1. Sorry, there’s no code?

          OH! Passcode. Sorry, had to reread this post. You have to find the passcode in the pdf rules above. ^_^

          (Btw, this contest is over, however, you are certainly welcome to play it. It’s all still open.)

    1. Oh! You are welcome to play, Patti! ^_^ The contest is over though but the puzzles are all there. Just remember, anything on this website past the date of the puzzle is not in the puzzle. 😀

    1. Good luck! Feel free to ask me questions. In Puzzle #8, there are challenges. And in the final puzzle, there are things that no longer exist on the internet, so I’ll help you with the answer. 😀

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