Comic #382 – “Uncle Errol”


There are a lot of children on Keren’s side of the family, and most of them are extremely blonde. I know I don’t have all of them here, and I didn’t even really make sure their hair styles were exact, but it was close enough.

Basically, the whole weekend is like this when I’m with the kids.

Uncle Toto is a moniker that belongs to Mike, actually. Zoe told some of the kids to call me that. In fact, I also got “Another Man” as well from the youngest ones.

Comic #378 – “R2-D2 Planes”


Sometimes I’m up trying to remember what happened during the day, or I’m trying to recall a funny incident to put into the comic. Other times, I’m at the computer and the above happens. Of course, I had two other comic things happen, I sure hope I remember them for tomorrow… unless something else happens.