Ekko and Keren get their recipes from Immaculate Bites, which have amazing dishes. I don’t know where the cassava dish came from though.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 - All the Elumirs are around the dinner table.
Ekko: I made an African okra soup with cassava!
Keren: Apparently, cassava is poisonous.
Errol (chewing): Om nom nom!

Panel 2 -
Ekko: It's poisonous when raw or not prepared correctly.
Keren: I wanted to look it up on the internet, and the first article that came up was about poisoning deaths.
Errol: *gulp*

Panel 3 - Elumirs look down at their bowls.
Keren: Apparently, it contains cyanide.

Panel 4 -
Ekko: I cooked it properly!
Keren: I'll look up cyanide poisoning symptoms.
Errol: Om nom nom!


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