MNE_20150123_010Sorry about the tardiness of this comic, folks. We were having server issues last night, and I was so tired I went to bed.

Anyway, my children always want to be in the comic, but Zoe especially. In fact, I wanted to replicate how she always asks me by using the sticky notes in the comic as an example.

And now she’s taken a cue from those sticky notes and has started putting them up around the house herself. Heck, she even copied the font.

And from what I heard, Manpans gave her the sticky notes. Nice going, Manpans.

Anyway, on another note, as you know, I write for a site called Manpans, myself and Matt write reviews for Escape Rooms in Toronto. (I’m going to one tonight, in fact, with Mags.)

The thing is, we have gotten to know a lot of other escape room reviewers! There’s now a little community of us, hah!

One of them, Exit Games UK, knows about my flash videos. And I’m talking flash videos from over ten years ago. (If you must know, this is the third set of webcomics I’ve regenerated into).

Back in the day, I used to have a board games webcomic. And sometimes, I would make Crappy Flash Animation (CFA) because I had more time without children.

Thus, I am going to share with you something I am fully aware is low quality: my Crappy Flash Animation Archive.



  1. eheheheheh sticky notes. i can just imagine her putting one on your face or something just to make sure you know she wants to be in the comic. because previously she was being subtle. at least, that’s what i would do.
    i hope you put her in the comic! her first appearance should be as a sticky note monster. sticky notes are everywhere, up to everyone’s necks, and there’s a rustling. *rustle rustle* manpans: “uh.. errol?” errol: “yeah?” manpans: “what’s moving in here?!” errol: “oh that’s…” *up pops a sticky note monster* monster: “PUT ME IN THE COMIC!” manpans: “AAAAAAAAAAHH!” errol: “… zoe.”
    i should go script my own comic. i have too much creative energy right now.

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