MNE_20150123_009Look how huge this comic is! It’s 600 pixels! Wow! On your screen, I’ve shrunk it to 300 but if you click on it, you will get it all in 600 glory. It’s large. I think I should probably make it wider but shorter or something. I dunno. Comics are hard.

And the post we’re talking about was from Meli on her blog: One week later: Farewell, Debs and Errol.

In fact, there have been a number of posts that are just amazing. Daniel wrote one on Pop Mythology, the geek band PDX Broadsides had one on their site, Manda wrote one on her blog, and Kari has one on her facebook page!

Were there more? Did I miss any? I know there were a few on FB, but I didn’t want to link to personal profiles. Oh man, I don’t know how I’m going to be at that concert. I am finding out that a lot of people are driving in from hours away!

It is terribly humbling, and I am so honoured that anyone would do that.

And now this webcomic may get mushy. I’ll try not to do that to you.


  1. LOVE the large comic size.

    Now, this may sound CRAZY…but what if you stacked the comics in a square? 2×2?
    Just a thought.
    Thinkin’ out loud here.
    On the internet.
    Using text.

    1. Heh, there was a comment of someone who found that confusing too!

      However, when I looked at the old D&E format on the phone, I always wished it was bigger… on a panel basis, which is why I chose vertical…

  2. I have to say the new format looks awesome on the phone. I’m not getting the published notifications yet though for some reason.. The 600 res looks GREAT on the screen.

    I need to turn the mouse over code I wrote for D&E into a plugin.

    If I wanted to get really fancy, we could allow people to choose their format and as long as they are logged in, it would process the image format you are using right now, 4 panel vertical, as whichever layout they want 2×2, 4×1, 1×4, or high res orig. The only drawback is that you’d have to stick to that format. Wouldn’t be hard. 🙂

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