Will this stop them from harassing me? No. No, it won’t. I don’t know what I’ve unleashed, but it can’t be good.

The girl in the pink is Zoe. Currently 10 years old. The other is Ekko. She’s 13 years old. They’re my children. They make life…interesting.

Update: I’ve made some minor changes to the comic. I didn’t want to mislead people on who has been hounding me for the past month.


  1. Why do you have eleven comics already?! I could’ve sworn I was at number 1 just _yesterday_.

  2. That’s OK. Zoe says you drew me wrong too.. (BTW if I ever make an appearance to this comic, I want to change my shirt badge to StarTrek instead of StarWars 🙂 Just sayin’ 😀 )

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