MNE_20150126_012Manpans lives in her Manpan Cave which has video games, hot chocolate, and Wheatley love.

She also has the big screen TV which we’ve hooked up our Wii U to.

She too is a huge fan of adventures games, so my laptop is also hooked up to her TV, and we are playing through as many Nancy Drew games as we possibly can. I still have about, oh, ten or more to go.

And when the children aren’t around, then Manpans and I get to play Mass Effect 2. Of course, the children are rarely not around so back to Nancy Drew we go.

This has made my creative life a bit more challenging. I wonder what I will do when FAWM hits? I don’t plan on doing too much with FAWM since it’s my anniversary and also Family Day, but I do want to put out a couple of songs. Who knows, maybe I’ll write a very sad goodbye song for our Farewell concert.

Btw, one thing I do like about this plug in is the ability to have an automatic cast page. I probably should figure the archives out, but, ugh. I want it to be like the archives of Rock, Paper, Cynic, but that requires coding of some sort.


  1. Hey! How come David isn’t in the comic? Didn’t you draw David? He was in the Christmas video.. doesn’t he deserve to be in the comic too? You should make a David character.

    1. Yes, the post-it notes around my house are signed Zoe and David. Probably the only thing they have teamed up on. Aren’t there enough kids in this comic?

  2. Someday, the two small, female Errols will reach their full potential and then be unleashed upon the world. Or at least upon Canada. It might be worth studying.

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