First off, I’ve read your comments about the mouseovers. Sorry about that, I will fix it. I don’t think that the field that allows the hover text works in blog posts. Blargh.

Another suggestion I had was to put titles for the comics. Why haven’t I done that? The real reason was because it was hard. It was getting to the point in the D&E comics that I wasn’t too sure if I was repeating comic titles. So, to bypass that, I just didn’t put any titles in this comic. I’m lazy.

And I haven’t said much about D&E or the breakup, have I? I don’t really intend to talk that much about it, but it was part of my life for the last three years, and all of you readers are here because of D&E, so it will creep up from time to time. ^_^


  1. Just thinking ahead- but I think you probably need a template for your Matt Smith outfit, for those occasions where formalwear is more the done thing- after all, you can’t just hide behind the band T-shirt any more.

    1. It was weird they did not work. Sadness, I was so happy too that there could have been an easier way to do them.

      Albeit, it’s not that hard the old way…

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