Have you ever noticed that when you watch anime, or manga, that all the characters are pretty much the same shade but have insane hair and clothes? Unless they’re alien.

Well, in the past, I figured to keep the Errol character pretty much the same shade as everyone else because it was simpler that way when I needed to swap body parts. However, in this reboot, I figured I would try and make the character look a bit more like me. I’m still not pleased with him, but heck, he’s a bit closer now than he was before. I’ll probably change all my gravatars and stuff now.

Anyway, yay diversity!

And it’s #TotoroTuesday! HUZZAH!


  1. It is perhaps worth noting at this point that Errol originally referred to two non-white characters in *my” comic as “that brown guy” and “that other brown guy who isn’t the important brown guy.” He also referred to my protagonist’s stepsisters as “all those ethnic children.”

  2. WOO! ASIAN ERROL! i do not look asian, so if i had a comic persona, she’d be very white. i am SO WHITE. like wow. in the words of my grandma “i’m not white, i’m clear.” my baby brother got all the dominant asian genes, the jerk. he look JUST LIKE my dad, only with brown hair instead of black. but at least i look more asian than my baby sister? which isn’t hard since she’s a carbon copy of my totally white mom.

    and back to the topic of your comic (wow i got a bit tangential) i LOVE comic errol’s new hair!

  3. It was very hard to get a shade close to correct for you on the comic site I use. In the end I picked one close to right for you and adjusted everyone else lighter and pinker. The height ratio is pretty good on this too, which I’d not realized till meeting you all in person…

  4. Logan had to tell me that it was a Totoro in the background. I was thinking you were already preparing for your next puzzle hunt.

  5. I like how your art is developing. You’ve always had a flair for getting across character/emotions, but you’re getting even better. Also, how can I get a user icon image? Can I upload one myself?

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