MNE_20150121Did I mention that we are having a farewell concert? Debs & Errol are doing their final farewell concert in March, and so far, we have 87 people going.

I was wondering if people would come, and so to see that many at least sign up made me all feely. (I mean, we all know on FB that ‘Yes’ means ‘Maybe’, but still).

I know I will have a few of the geek bands there that are willing to play, and…I don’t know what it’s going to be like.

Will I display more of my thoughts on this in the webcomic? Maybe. Or maybe I’ll just start talking about Mass Effect again. Who knows.

In the meantime, I will make slow fixes to this site. If there’s anything you really want, please state it in the comments and I will try and fix it!


  1. Yeah, I have to agree too. I had so much going on the first week of the year, the news was just one more thing added to the pile. I hope that didn’t make me seem insensitive when we spoke about it.
    I started processing it all probably yesterday. And it was all of those feels Manpans has been talking about. I want more of the awesomeness. So much I was hoping to hear more of. Songs of Internet memes, awesome relevant pop culture that clue me in on things in the outside world, like that movie Frozen… Yep, sorry, I just want more of the awesome.

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