Who could it be? I guess time will tell.

Today was a comic I didn’t buffer. I need to buffer things, that’s handy. I will have time tomorrow. Last night, I went to see a movie with Mark, who I usually refer to as my guitarist. He made a few appearances in the D&E comic and played on a few songs in Songs in the Key of Geek. ^_^

We saw the Imitation Game and enjoyed it a lot! I wonder if my sister has seen it. She’ll probably be upset I got to see Cumberbatch on a screen before she did.


  1. So, when I click on the comic to enlarge it it gets smaller. With the tiny font on the post its, I was trying to get in close to read what it said…but I couldn’t read it and stuffs.

    I think it WOULD be cool to have a higher resolution version of the images available for close ups views…I mean, you put a lot of attention into the details and stuff. 🙂

    This is viewing from my Windows 7 machine in Google Chrome.

    1. You want the comic BIGGER than what it is now? Hmmm, I could look into that. What resolution were you hoping for?

      1. It looks like it’s 300×1040…I’d like to see a 500-600 width.
        That’s just me.

        The initial size is good, but on many webcomics I read, there’s the “zoomed in” when you click the image for the older eyes in the audience like mine.


    1. (personally, if you want Lizette to continue to be out of frame, I think you ought to apply tally marks on your arms every time she appears- like with the silence in doctor who)

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