You know, you think they’ll be young forever. I realized I will eventually have to age my neices. Good grief.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 - Keren and Zoe are in the car.
Keren: We're a little bit early. Do you want to practice driving?
Zoe: Yes!

Panel 2 - Zoe is driving in the car.
Keren: Oh! I see them!
Offscreen: Wait?! What?!!

Panel 3 - switches to the three Shepherd children.
Genny: What?!
Mads: Zoe's Driving?!
Genny: WHAT?!
Maya: Nani?!

Panel 4 - Zoe and Keren are in the car.
Keren: I see this is quite the news...
Offscreen: WHAT?!?
Offscreen: Nani?!


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