When I was a child, there were only two fast food restaurants in the small town of Estevan at the time: A&W and Dairy Queen.

In fact, it was at A&W that my dad had a burger for the first time in his life when he came to Canada. How adorable!

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 (Lola, Ekko, Errol, and Lolo are in the car) -
Errol: By the way, what about A&W? Why only Burger King and KFC?
Lolo: I don't like A&W.

Panel 2 -
Errol: What? We always went to A&W as kids!
Lolo: They don't have sales.

Panel 3 -
Errol: I'm pretty sure A&W has sales and even coupons.
Lolo: They never have sales on papa burgers!

Panel 4 -
Errol: Ah. How ignorant of me to be so unaware...
Lolo: They only have sales on things no one wants! Of course no one wants them. We want papa burgers!

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