Mabu Generation has this wonderful Matcha Honey Toast dish which we like. Sadly, it wasn’t available that night, but it’s pretty filling so maybe it’s all for the better.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 -
Keren: Since you're only here for the weekend, I made you a large breakfast.
Maya: Thanks, auntie Keren.
Errol: I had a large breakfast too!

Panel 2 (Afternoon...) -
Maya: Whoa.
Errol: That's a lot of food on the table.
Keren: Since Maya's only here for the weekend, I ordered dim sum.

Panel 3 (Evening...) -
Errol: Since you're here for the weekend, Keren made a lemongrass chicken dish for supper.
Maya: We haven't stopped eating...

Panel 4 (Late evening...) -
Errol: Girls, since Maya's only here for the weekend, you wanted to go to that fancy Taiwanese dessert place. Anyone hungry?
Maya: No.
Zoe: I'm not.
Ekko: Let's go anyway!



  1. You keep saying Zoey is the most like you. Other than the trolling (the comic) I think Ekko is much more like (the comic) you.

    1. Second sentence should read: Other than the trolling, I think (the comic) Ekko is much more like (the comic) you.

      1. Ekko and I have hobbies that are the same. We like playing escape games and board games, we like watching kdramas and anime, and we like similar themes.

        Zoe and I are the same in personality and temperament. We’re both strong-willed, sarcastic, and trolling.


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