There were a lot of people in this class! I was wondering if there would just be me, but I think there were about 16 or so people? Everyone else was doing fine. I wasn’t.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 (K-Pop class...) -
Instructor (Offscreen): Okay, let's start off by moving your hands like this.
Errol (thought): Cool, I can do that!

Panel 2 (Errol starts to sweat) -
Instructor (Offscreen): Now, let's add the legs.
Errol (thought): Legs?! Oh. Hah! Of course. This is hard.

Panel 3 -
Instructor (Offscreen): And now we will put it to music.
Errol (thought): Music?! I'm still confused by the hands part of this!

Panel 4 (Lots of sweating) -
Instructor (Offscreen): Amazing! You're all doing great!
Errol (thought): What? This man is obviously not looking in my direction!

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