For people who there, this didn’t happen at this part of the trip. The joke telling happened in another car trip later in the week, but I wasn’t planning on doing that arc so I’m putting it here.

↓ Transcript

Panel 1 (Ekko, Errol, Joe, and Keren are in the car) -
Errol: Hi, Joe! I guess Zoe decided to go with Maya!
Joe: Yeah.

Panel 2 -
Ekko (texting): Hey, Maya. So Zoe decided to go with you!
Maya (texting): Yeah. Is your dad telling a joke to Joe?

Panel 3 -
Ekko (texting): No
Maya (texting): What? He has to! Joe needs to hear a joke!
Ekko (texting): No

Panel 4 -
Maya (texting): You have to!!
Ekko: Maya want you to tell a joke.
Errol: AHHH! What a great idea! Joe hasn't experienced one!!
Joe: What?


  1. That’s not what happened… It was more: wow all this time and dad could tell a joke. Maya, should Joe feel your pain? And of course the answer was yes.

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