We went to a Lebanese restaurant to meet up with my cousin and her husband, we haven’t seen them in so long! It was great. I ate so much.

The girls were a bit behind us, so they didn’t get a chance to see this exchange. It would have been interesting to see their response.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 -
Keren: That was such a good meal with Memes and Jules.
Errol: It's great being able to dine in a restaurant.

Panel 2 -
Offscreen: Hello. Are you feeling lucky tonight?

Panel 3 -
Offscreen: Oh, sorry. I see you are with him.

Panel 4 -
Keren: How you hold up with that jealous rage of yours?
Errol: Currently seething. Are we getting dessert?

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  1. I can’t help picturing them just entering the door and hearing the exchange. They try to run to the bathroom, but end up barfing on the guy. Or maybe they aim for him deliberately.

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