Is it weird that there are Escape Room Conventions and we regularly attend them? Probably. They’re so cool, though. 😀

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 -
Manpans: Hey, Errol! I'm doing a presentation for the Reality Escape Convention.
Errol: Cool! I got your script. I'm in!

Panel 2 -
Manpans: So I sent a script, if you're willing to play a character.
Errol: Totally in! I'm game!

Panel 3 -
Manpans: It may take about an hour of filming if that's OK.
Errol: I'm in, let's go!

Panel 4 -
Manpans: So, if you're available now, that'd be great.
Errol (over text): Hey! Where are you? I'm in your apartment ready to go!

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