When you get older, gifts turn more into gag gifts. Or maybe that’s just me.

Btw, I realized this crew hasn’t been in the comic that often, but I do chat with them on Discord on a daily basis.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 (In Manpan's Discord) -
Leezet: Ha! I just got a book from Indicgo. "Zoom for Dummies". Is that from you, @manpans?
Manpans: No. Mine was the pencil case that said "I hate everyone too."
Errol: Oooh! Is this a new arc for a case?

Panel 2 -
Leezet: I can't figure out who is trolling me. Maybe @mike? That's his trolling style.
Mike: Hah! I wish I could take credit. It's not me.

Panel 3 -
Leezet: How are you, @mike? Are you getting any sleep?
Mike: Nope. It is life. LOL.
Errol: I sent the Dummies book.

Panel 4 -
Leezet: Thank you for the trolling gift. I laughed.
Manpans: You didn't uselessly prolong this arc?
Errol: The troll is too beautiful to not brag about.

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  1. When you get older you realize that most of the adults are already buying the things that they need/want….so…gag gifts are understandable.

    I hope that doesn’t diminish the joy of giving them.

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