Yes, it bothers me, because when I run these types of events where I expect 1500 people to slam my server all at once, I constantly worry about how I’m going to handle that load. This is one of the biggest concerns I have when I do things online. And I have to find a way to do it with no budget. Makes me so mad. *laugh*

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 -
Keren (on her phone): Thanks! I got the link for your convocation. I can cast it!

Panel 2 -
Keren: Is something wrong with our internet? It's been stuck on this white screen.
Ekko: No. My friends can't get on either.

Panel 3 -
Errol: You know, this is what annoys me about schools! There are so many tried and true streaming services now, and yet school admins seem to stick with unheard of sites and then get shocked when it can't handle the load with tens of people logging on.

Panel 4 -
Errol: Advisors: "Use YouTube to stream your live event." Administrators: "Why use something reliable when we can pay a lot of money and have it break?" Honestly, it incenses me so much...


  1. This! Did an online conference a couple of weeks ago. All the prerecorded stuff worked reasonably well. The live daily keynotes were broken up and barely understandable. The prime keynote speech that so many of us had upgraded our conference registration to attend lasted about 5 minutes, and then the whole conference app crashed, and crashed hard. They tried for 90 minutes to get it back up, and finally gave up and said they would reschedule. It was a total mess! They finally broke the prime keynote into two sessions (they had to get special dispensation on their contract with the speaker to do even that much), and they opened up everything else to be available for 60 days after the conference to try to make up for the mess.

    1. I hear you. Totally do. I’ve been to online conferences that have run perfectly. And then larger ones with bigger budgets utterly fail. Drives me batty. 😀

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