We’ve been watching a bunch of shows that are on their first season, and then we are always wanting more. In the end, I figured I would watch a longer anime knowing that it’s going to end and there will be a lot of episodes we can watch.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 - On snapchat
Maya: Hi!
Errol: Hi, Maya! Hi, Ekko! I added you to a group snapchat!
Ekko: Hi, Maya!

Panel 2 -
Maya: I see.
Errol: We can talk about anime!
Ekko: Dad started watching "Naruto" three days ago.

Panel 3 -
Maya: Yay!
Errol: I know you like "Naruto"!
Ekko: We just finished season three.

Panel 4 -
Maya: Nani? That's a season a day!
Errol: Ekko has problems with restraint.
Ekko: I'm sure it's clear who's at fault here!

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