Just in case you’ve ever wondered what happens in our group chats, here you go. Choy is also part of it, but she never talks. I’m surprised when Zoe talks.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 (Group Instagram Chats) -
Ekko: Did you see my photo of dad on the porch?
Leezet: How weird is it that I'm really rooting for Tom Holland and Zendaya as a couple...?
Keren: He isn't in his suit this time.
Leezet: Who?
Keren: Errol on the porch
Zoe: they are a couple
I'm confused
Keren: Sorry, not sure why it didn't work.
Ekko: What? I'm so confused
Leezet: Hahahahaha.
Leezet: Was the last time Errol was on a porch was Zoe's piano recital???
Leezet: Yes, Tom Holland Zendaya are a couple.
Leezet: No idea why this couple's relationship is important to me. But if they break up, I'll be heart broken.
Errol: [Audio call started]
Ekko: Ugh. Why does he always start a group call??
Zoe: I've almost left this group so many times...
Errol: Answer my call!


    1. Totally. So cute as a couple. But, you know, they’re so young and Hollywood romances that start so young never make it for long. But, if they can be the one-in-a-million, good on them!

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