You know, it’s also surprising that Zoe is asking me about this. Or maybe, it’s more that Maya and Zoe want to broach the subject more Cheryl, and I just happened to be there.

Oh, Keren’s not around because she’s at work. Although, this was talked about briefly with Keren and I when we all went out for Pho.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 (Zoe and Maya are talking to Errol and Cheryl) -
Zoe: Sooo...we've been thinking...
Errol: Oh?

Panel 2 -
Zoe: We want to get tattoos together.
Errol: Tattoos?

Panel 3 -
Zoe: Maya and I have decided on what theme we want.
Errol: As in permanent tattoos?

Panel 4 -
Zoe: Yes.
Errol: You, who can't decide what drink to order at a restaurant within a 30 minute time limit, want a permanent tattoo?

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