Didn’t mean to skip last night, but I was tired. Also, I realize I never get a comic in on time for Friday. I’ll try and be more punctual with that, but who am I kidding?

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 -
Errol: Did you get my friend request on Snapchat?
Ekko: Yup. I sent you a snap!

Panel 2 -
Errol: So we can start streaking, right?
Ekko: Sure. Let's watch "Sisyphus".

Panel 3 -
Zoe: "Streak" is not a verb.
Errol: Maybe Joe and Maya will streak with me.
Ekko: Starting without you.

Panel 4 -
Zoe: "Streak" is not a verb!
Errol: It was before you young people got a hold of it!


      1. You could use snapchat to document said streaking. Might get you banned, unless you were sufficiently creative with your shots though. If you do take up streaking on snapchat, you’ll have to let your followers know how to follow that too.

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