When I eat hot food, then sometimes my head sweats but my hair is still dry and it feels weird. With my hair cut so short, it almost felt like that, but I don’t know why.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 -
Errol: Wanna see my new hair cut?
Ekko: It's shorter. That's for sure.

Panel 2 -
Errol (turns around to show the back): I don't know how you all can stand long hair.
Ekko: AHHH!!!

Panel 3 -
Ekko: Did you even see the back?
Errol: I'm sure it's fine.

Panel 1 -
Errol: Although my head feels awfully cold.
Ekko: Mom! What did you do?!
Keren (offscreen): DON'T SHOW ZOE!

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