Because I’m lazy, I tried to find past comics where I had graphical assets of cards being held. I didn’t have any. However, I did waste a lot of time reading through the old comics and getting distracted. In the end, I had to create them, which I should have done from the beginning.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 -
Errol: So "The Crew" is a co-op trick-taking game. Thing is, we are not allowed to communicate or table-talk.

Panel 2 -
Joe: My favourite colour is blue.
Errol: That is a good example of communicating which we aren't supposed to do.

Panel 3 -
Joe: I'm just stating my favourite colours!
Errol: Right. From now on, let's follow the rules—

Panel 4 -
Joe: Ekko, if you can trump this now, you should.
Ekko: Oh, okay.
Errol: —or at least TRY and make the cheating not so obvious.

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