I know I’ve explained this before, but in regards to timelines, there’s:

  • Webcomic time: The time of the webcomic. In the above example, this would have been about June 14th.
  • Post time: The date on the comic itself, which is July 25th.
  • Real time: The date I actually uploaded to the website, which is July 28th.
↓ Transcript
Panel 1 -
Lola: Bye, Ekko. Bye, Errol.
Errol: I can't believe it's already been a week!
Ekko: Not in webcomic time...

Panel 2 -
Lola: We'll miss you.
Errol: Don't worry, we'll be back in under a week.

Panel 3 -
Lola: A week?
Errol: Yes. Not in webcomic-time, nor in post-time, but in real-time. Remember, this webcomic has three timelines to take into consideration.

Panel 4 -
Lola: Oh, you be quiet there.
Ekko: I'll miss this.
Errol: Just wait a week.

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